Welcome to Moreau Œnologie

The network of independent wine-making laboratories set up in the very heart of the great Burgundian wine-growing region.

Today, it’s the 3rd generation of wine-makers from the Moreau family, along with a team of qualified and experienced oenologists, that are offering to help you produce quality wine, with a character that matches what you are all about.

We match our values to your wine

picto-bordeau   Proactivity

Given to the laboratory in the morning, your current analysis, to monitor wine-producing or maturing for example, will be produced quickly and can be returned within the day. For a COFRAC (French accreditation committee) analysis, the timeframe will be 48 hours as a maximum. Every single sample is processed on schedule. If it is urgent, your request will become our priority.

pictokaki   Proximity

Present right where you are, the Moreau Œnologie teams know they need to be available, they know you may have problems. In Meursault, in Chassey-le-Camp, in Nuits-Saint-Georges and in Chablis, you are welcomed into a serious and friendly atmosphere. We deal with all requests, with the same care, even when it is just a simple little piece of advice needed. There’s no elitism with us!

pictobeige   Bespoke service

The Moreau Œnologie teams, oenologists, laboratory technicians and secretaries, serve all customers, whether they have an annual contract or not. All areas and wine houses benefit from our advice. The objective is the same: to produce quality wine, which reflect what you are all about, and which match the request.

Summary of services :
Today, Moreau Oenologie is developing 5 different services for you :